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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
DeSantis & Florida climate denial
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San Diego researchers see role for public opinion in global warming fight

San Diego researchers think there is a way to make sure countries keep their climate friendly promises laid out in the Paris Agreement. They suggest calling them out publicly if they fall short.
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Battling lava and snowstorms to keep a climate project alive

Ever since an eruption in Hawaii halted a long-running record of carbon dioxide, scientists have found ways to carry on — atop a neighboring volcano.
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Nation's largest water supplier declares drought emergency

The nation's largest water supplier has declared a drought emergency for all of Southern California, clearing the way for potential mandatory water restrictions early next year that could impact 19 million people.

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Port of San Diego to electrify freight trucks, cranes, even some tugboats by 2030

San Diego researcher finds particulate air pollution may mask the true effect of global warming

New research out of San Diego finds scientists may be underestimating the speed and impact of greenhouse gas emissions on climate change.

Coastal storm cools California heat wave, dampens wildfire

Coastal storm cools California heat wave, dampens wildfire

Parts of Southern California were lashed by severe winds from a tropical storm that brought high humidity, rain and possible flooding to the parched region but also the promise of cooler temperatures after a 10-day heat wave.
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A quiet revolution: Southwest cities learn to thrive amid drought

A quiet revolution: Southwest cities learn to thrive amid drought

Facing a changing climate, southwestern cities such as San Diego, Phoenix, and Las Vegas have embraced innovative strategies for conserving and sourcing water, providing these metropolitan areas with ample water supplies to support growing populations.

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Electric cars for everyone? Not unless they get cheaper

President Biden has made conversion to E.V.s a pillar of climate policy. But government incentives mostly help affluent buyers, not average families.