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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Tornadoes strike the US almost daily from late April to late May
India experiences extreme heatwave with record-breaking temperatures
san francisco streets heat climate
Image by David Mark from Pixabay

Volunteers help identify heat-vulnerable neighborhoods in San Francisco

San Francisco is known for its moderate climate. But as the global climate warms, the Bay Area is expected to experience more heat waves — and many residents lack an air-conditioned place to cool off.

sf climate plan energy action
Photo by Braden Collum on Unsplash

How San Francisco translated its 300-page climate plan into tangible actions for residents

Most climate action plans are long, dry documents that few people understand. San Francisco decided to change that.
SF recycled water drought
Photo by Jared Erondu on Unsplash

Beyond the yuck factor: Cities turn to ‘extreme’ water recycling

San Francisco is at the forefront of a movement to recycle wastewater from commercial buildings, homes, and neighborhoods and use it for toilets and landscaping. This decentralized approach, proponents say, will drive down demand in an era of increasing water scarcity.
beer from recycled greywater
SuSanA Secretariat/Flickr/Commercial use & mods allowed

This beer is made from recycled shower water. Is it the taste of the future?

Epic Cleantec’s beverage highlights one way to tackle extreme drought: by turning recycled waste into potable products.

fossil fuel financing & divestment
Photo by Miquel Parera on Unsplash

Climate protesters call out US banks for funding fossil fuel projects

Offices of Citibank in New York and Wells Fargo in San Francisco targeted by activists urging shareholders to act
treasure island climate flooding

Promising to prevent flooding, Treasure Island builders downplay sea rise risk

Developers have redesigned Treasure Island to withstand a rising San Francisco Bay, elevating land and setting aside space for ever-higher sea walls. Engineers say planned fortifications will hold — but with flood risk accelerating, no one knows for how long.

bayview hunter's point systemic racism

Planting trees to fight pollution and racism in Bayview Hunters Point

Why is Bayview Hunter's Point one of the less forested parts of the city? Because of structural racism – meaning, systemic racism.