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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Tensions rise as US stance on plastic treaty draws criticism
Farmers' protests challenge EU's climate policies
santa fe electric buses climate solutions

Santa Fe Pubic Schools to spend $1.1 million settlement on electric buses

Superintendent Hilario “Larry” Chavez said the funds the school district receives will be used to purchase electric-powered buses that will reduce tailpipe pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and fuel costs.

renewable energy new mexico

Huge wind project developing in Central New Mexico

One of the biggest wind-energy projects in the world is being whipped up in Central New Mexico, a giant stride for the state’s role in renewable energy.

new mexico pollution energy

New Mexico company to monitor oil field pollution from the sky

As New Mexico boosts oversight of methane and other pollutants wafting from the state’s oil and gas wells, officials are looking for the most efficient ways to detect and measure emissions to keep them within bounds.

new mexico climate water drought

New Mexico's water outlook for summer, fall: On the edge

This year's snowpack would be sufficient if not for the reservoirs being low, as the state owes Texas a hefty amount of water.
new mexico pollution energy toxics
Photo by Maddy Baker on Unsplash

Lawsuit says New Mexico hasn't been 'good neighbor' on fossil fuel pollution

Conservation group WildEarth Guardians sues Environmental Protection Agency for not establishing a plan to prevent New Mexico's ozone pollution from drifting to neighboring states.
New Mexico snowpack & drought
Jim Germond

Recent New Mexico snowstorms a promising start, but more needed

It's too soon to know whether the spate of precipitation will be fleeting or will multiply into more storms, building the snowpack needed for a healthy spring runoff.

Colorado River water allocations

New Mexico among states overusing depleted Colorado River, conservationists say

In the Upper Basin, Colorado, Utah and New Mexico have used more than their share in recent years.