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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Top Mississippi Republicans support new EV battery plant despite Trump’s criticism
Large corporations successfully block shareholder climate proposals
science court public discourse
Credit: fortheloveofcc/Flickr

Debating science in a court setting may boost public trust

Holding science-based courtroom debates could help educate and engage citizens in shaping public policy.

Arik Shams, Leana King and Joy Liu write for Undark.

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fossil fuel influence
Credit: Fabio Rossi/Flickr

Natural gas study draws criticism over industry influence

A recent report led by former U.S. Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz and funded by the natural gas industry, has faced backlash for downplaying the climate impact of natural gas.

Phil McKenna reports for Inside Climate News.

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litigation disrupts Everglades alliance in Florida

Court drama disrupts a key environmental alliance in Florida

A legal battle between the Everglades Foundation and a former scientist has sparked controversy, highlighting a clash over environmental policy and personal integrity.

Robin Bravender reports for Politico.

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Scientists and expert testimony
Credit: Nosnibor137/BigStock Photo ID: 41646235

Scientists and academics navigate the challenging world of expert testimony

In a recent exploration by Science, Dan Charles delves into the intricate role of scientists serving as expert witnesses in legal disputes, highlighting both the opportunities and challenges this responsibility entails.

Dan Charles reports for Science.

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fossil fuel industry climate coverup
Credit: UCAR SciEd/Flickr

‘Smoking gun proof’: fossil fuel industry knew of climate danger as early as 1954, documents show

Documents show industry-backed Air Pollution Foundation uncovered the severe harm climate change would wreak
Will the American Geophysical Union cut all ties with the fossil fuel industry?

Will the American Geophysical Union cut all ties with the fossil fuel industry?

Scientist-activists ask the world’s biggest society of earth and space scientists to revoke the fossil fuel industry’s social license.
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classroom students teacher
Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash

Texas pushes some textbook publishers to remove material on fossil fuels

Texas' education board called on some publishers to remove material that some Republicans criticized as incorrect or negative portrayals of fossil fuels in the biggest oil and gas state.