sea surface temperatures

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refinery benzene
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
DeSantis & Florida climate denial
biodiversity resilience
hurricane intensification increasing
GOP climate politics

Republican rep. nearly blames hurricanes on climate change

Representative Barry Loudermilk came so, so close to accurately describing Hurricane Idalia.
Gulf of Maine algae bloom

Big, brown, and baffling researchers: Unusual algae bloom in the Gulf of Maine

Researchers at UNH and other regional players say it’s the first time they’ve seen such high concentrations of the dinoflagellate phytoplankton Tripos muelleri this time of year spanning from Massachusetts to Maine. 
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brutal 2023 summer maps and graphs

This brutal summer in 10 alarming maps and graphs

From the Maui wildfires to ultrahigh ocean temperatures, climate change is leaving its devastating mark on the Earth. It’s but a taste of the pain to come.
Pacific blob marine heatwave

Years after the blob, the Pacific still doesn’t look the same

The 2014–2016 marine heatwave transformed the ecosystem of the northeast Pacific. Some of those changes seem here to stay.
heat-resilient coral Palau

Palau’s reefs show ability to resist rise in ocean temperatures

Almost 40 years of data shows that some Pacific reefs can become more heat tolerant, but still face uphill battle in a warming ocean.