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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Shaprio Pennsylvania carbon capture
fashion industry’s plastic waste
global gold mining pollution

Muddied tropical rivers reveal magnitude of global gold mining boom: Study

Escalating geopolitical tensions, a weakening dollar, and growing distrust in financial markets has triggered a tropical rush for gold, diamonds and precious metals that’s doing serious ecological damage to Earth’s rivers.
Climate change is drying out the world’s lakes
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Climate change is drying out the world’s lakes faster than scientists thought

Study finds a warming climate and human water consumption are largely responsible for a rapid decline in lake levels, with implications for billions of people.
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global surface water decline

Warming and drying climate puts many of the world’s biggest lakes in peril

A new global study of lakes shows water levels falling and finds a global warming fingerprint.

hydroelectric dams environmental damage
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As the harms of hydropower dams become clearer, some activists ask, 'is it time to remove them?'

In North Carolina, an effort to tear down a century-old dam has galvanized a community while highlighting aspects of hydroelectricity that aren’t clean energy at all.

proposed Mekong Basin Dam

In the Mekong Basin, an ‘unnecessary’ dam poses an outsized threat

A dam being built in Laos near the border with Cambodia imperils downstream communities and the Mekong ecosystem as a whole, experts and affected community members say.

New reservoirs could help battle droughts

New reservoirs could help battle droughts, but at what cost?

Storing more water to deal with climate change seems like a no-brainer, but such reservoirs are complex undertakings with environmental issues of their own.