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Farmers' protests challenge EU's climate policies

Seed-sowing drones help with reforestation

The unmanned aerial vehicles could improve access to mountainous terrain and rapidly disperse many more seeds than planting by hand, experts say.

‘No normal seasons any more’: Seed farmers struggle amid the climate crisis

Floods, freezes and heatwaves threaten seed production as farmers scramble to produce strains that resist climate chaos.

Starbucks mugs
Image by Eak K. from Pixabay

Starbucks develops coffee seeds that can withstand climate change effects

Starbucks recently announced that it has developed six new varieties of coffee seeds that can withstand the effects of climate change, which some experts say is “critical” for the future of coffee.

california big bloom aids seed collectors
Photo by Henry Be on Unsplash

California's big bloom aids seed collectors as climate change and wildfires threaten desert species

After massive winter downpours, conservationists in California are eager to gather desert seeds as an insurance policy against a hotter and drier future.
okra farming climate impacts

A radical seed-breeding project could help southern farmers adapt to climate change

The Utopian Seed Project is growing dozens of types of okra in one North Carolina field, creating genetic collisions that build new, resilient varieties. The group is working to adapt more food crops to the changing climate.

seed diversity climate farming food
Photo by Anil Sharma on Unsplash

How seed diversity can help protect our food as the world warms

A new documentary explores the dangers that climate change poses to agriculture — and the seed savers who are working to make food systems more resilient.
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Watch: Farmers adapt seasonal schedule to climate change

With shorter winters and warmer summers, farmers are planting earlier to adapt.