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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
DeSantis & Florida climate denial
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Charleston's battle with wastewater woes

Charleston's battle with wastewater woes

In Charleston, S.C., environmental advocates are gearing up for legal action against Charleston Water for failing to curb frequent sewage overflows, raising health and environmental concerns.

Daniel Shailer reports for Inside Climate News.

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‘A treasure beneath our feet’: How the Dutch went down the toilet looking for heat

Sewage waste is now being seen as a reliable heat source for millions of homes in the Netherlands.

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Rising flood risks threaten many water and sewage treatment plants across the US

Across the U.S., municipal water systems and sewage treatment plants are at increasing risk of damage from floods and sea-level rise brought on in part or even wholly by climate change.
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Unsanitary and deadly: The Great Stink of 1858 may foreshadow our future climate breakdown

One of the smelliest summers in history has stark implications for our present climate breakdown, experts say.

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Consumers to pay a lot of sewerage upgrade investment through bills

The Environment Secretary said bill-payers will see rises in their payments to fund private investment to prevent sewage spills.
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Photo by Jailam Rashad on Unsplash

The case for capping sea-level rise

More so than rising temperatures, rising seas offer tangible evidence of the harms of climate change, including coastal erosion, abandoned communities, sewage backups and overflows, contaminated water supplies, and increased insurance costs.

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Rising seas could cause septic system failures in Beaufort County, South Carolina

As seas rise, groundwater levels in coastal areas do, too. So when a storm hits, water can inundate people’s septic systems. Some residents in low-lying Beaufort County, South Carolina, are already facing the disgusting consequences.