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Poll shows strong voter support for suing oil companies over climate impact
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Trump vows to dismantle Biden’s electric vehicle policies
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King Charles to host reception ahead of COP27 - despite not going himself

King Charles - who has been a passionate campaigner on environmental issues for years - will host world leaders including PM Rishi Sunak (who pulled out of the conference last week) and US special envoy on climate change, John Kerry.
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Rivers to run 'exceptionally' low in central and southern England

Britain's rivers are set to run low during the coming months, and "exceptionally so" in central and southern England, compounding fears of a looming drought.

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Scientists propose rewilding the American West by reintroducing grey wolves and beavers

In the face of the growing threats posed to ecosystems by climate change, scientists in the US have put forward an "ultra ambitious" proposal to rewild parts of the American West by reintroducing wolves and beavers.

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Why US scientists have renamed summer 'danger season'

A group of scientists in the US have renamed summer "danger season", saying it needs to be taken more seriously to avoid more preventable deaths. But does it risk having the reverse impact?
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Climate change: 42% chance Earth is locked in to 1.5C warming even if all emissions stop today

The warning the world could reach 1.5C warming even if pollution stopped today sets the stage as climate negotiators meet in Bonn to discuss progress since the COP26 Glasgow talks.
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Clean energy's dirty secret: How push for modern technology has made Chinese pond toxic

A tailings pond lies on the west of the Chinese city Baotou, one filled with a black grey sludge of toxic and radioactive material.
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Climate change: 'Political and economic madness' to invest in fossil fuels warns UN, as landmark report asks us to change lifestyles

It is "moral and economic madness" to fund new fossil fuel projects, the United Nations chief said today, as a pioneering report warned simply cutting emissions was no longer enough to curb the climate crisis.