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Biden administration finalizes environmental regulations ahead of potential Trump presidency
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
EU elections Green party decline
Environmental policies losing voter support amid economic concerns
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Coal-fired power station closures not enough to meet Victoria’s emissions targets

Closing the state’s coal-fired power stations by 2035 will not reduce greenhouse gases enough to meet the state’s ambitious new emissions targets, a new report says.
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No room for new coal and gas under Labor’s climate plan

Australia’s newly legislated climate change target will clash with a looming energy supply shortfall, creating a dilemma for the Albanese government.
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Threatened species: Greater Glider now endangered in NSW, but what is driving its demise

The southern greater glider has been made endangered in NSW due to climate change, bushfires and native logging severely reducing its population and habitat.
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Climate change is another headache for cricket, says ICC chair

A World Cup that began with controversies over sponsors on a carbon footprint basis has ended with an admission by the global body’s chair Greg Barclay that climate change is adding to complications for tournament organisers.

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Bipartisan support for Labor’s climate plans crucial, green groups and industry say

Business and environment groups are urging all political parties to back Labor’s climate reforms to create much-needed certainty for investors.
Climate change: COVID-19 showed how little it takes for people to behave badly

Climate change: COVID-19 showed how little it takes for people to behave badly

It’s the image of the breakdown of order, even more than the image of fires and floods, that fills me with horror.
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Nitrous oxide use in birth bad for environment, say anaesthetists

A new report says people should be made aware of nitrous oxide’s environmental impact when considering its use as pain relief, but midwives and mothers have warned again “guilting” women.