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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
DeSantis & Florida climate denial
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americans seeking safer climates

In Duluth, real estate collides with climate

More Americans are uprooting their lives for safer climates. That sent one Times real estate reporter to the Upper Midwest.
atmospheric river california water drought

A very wet winter has eased California’s drought, but water woes remain

Torrential rain and snow have again drenched California in recent weeks, amplifying an already wet winter season. The extreme precipitation has begun to ease the state’s long-term drought, the driest three-year stretch on record.

snowboarding brands climate impacts

Where’s the snow? Snowboarding brands are trying to find out for themselves

Snowboarding brands are changing their strategies and entering policy debates, as climate change continues to upend the snowfall calendar.

record warm winter

New York’s record warm winter: good for sunbathing, bad for ski slopes

A wildly erratic season has been a blessing for haters of mittens and blizzards, but a potential disaster for businesses that rely on snow and ice.
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More après, less ski: What this season’s weather means for ski season

Conditions that are less than ideal (too little snow in some areas, too much in others) have left would-be skiers to find other forms of winter revelry.
us snow totals compared
NRCS Oregon/Flickr

You call that snow?! See how this Winter stacks up.

Compare the totals in your city with those of the past.
California’s weather whiplash

How do California’s storms weigh in compared with history’s big ones?

Rain and snowfall this season are above average, but the state has seen some wild weather in past years.