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4 things to know about EPA's new climate damage metric

The social cost of carbon could soon be used in a broad set of federal actions.
social cost of carbon
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Why social carbon costs estimates are so hard to make

Technology improves over time, but it’s hard to know what that means when it comes to calculating the social cost of carbon.
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Why EPA's huge social cost of carbon might fail to halt CO2

EPA is about to finalize a sky-high value for carbon that could be used whenever the federal government leases land to oil drillers or buys new mail trucks. But its effect on actual policymaking may be limited.

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Why the EPA puts a higher value on rich lives lost to climate change

There is one number that the Environmental Protection Agency relies on to decide which climate policies to pursue. So why does that number assume the lives of richer people are worth more?
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The EPA’s “social cost of carbon” and the tricky business of putting a dollar value on a human life

The EPA’s draft "social cost of carbon" analysis opens up a knotty discussion about US lives versus lives abroad.
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5th Circuit may back Biden social cost of carbon

A federal appeals court appeared poised Wednesday to uphold the Biden administration’s use of an interim climate metric to estimate the costs of rising greenhouse gas emissions.

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EPA floats sharply increased social cost of carbon

EPA has proposed a new estimate for the social cost of carbon emissions, nearly quadrupling an interim figure that has already drawn legal challenges from a host of Republican-led states.