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nurses climate change
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
FEMA faces potential funding shortfall amid increasing natural disasters
Biden administration finalizes environmental regulations ahead of potential Trump presidency
Churches plugging into solar power
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Churches are plugging into solar power

There's a rise in churches turning to solar power so they can preach sustainability along with their doctrines.
solar energy
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Republicans and Democrats want community solar. Why won’t Michigan legislators enable it?

Advocates say big utilities wield their influence in Lansing to maintain control over renewable energy.
solar PV supply outstripping demand

Could Biden’s clean energy push be a victim of its success?

Thanks to the president’s signature legislation, solar energy manufacturing is booming in Georgia, a key state in the 2024 election. But the industry now worries that it could be too much and too fast.
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Floating factories of artificial leaves could make green fuel for jets and ships

Cambridge University scientists develop a device to ‘defossilise’ the economy using sunlight, water and carbon dioxide.

ultra-efficient rooftop farm of the future

The ultra-efficient farm of the future is in the sky

Take a tour of a rooftop laboratory where scientists show how growing crops under solar panels can produce both food and clean energy.
solar panel installation
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How generous subsidies helped Australia to become a leader in solar power

For a brief period over several weekends this spring, the state of South Australia, which has a population of 1.8m, did something no other place of a similar size can claim: generate enough energy from solar panels on the roofs of houses to meet virtually all its electricity needs.

sheep & solar panels agrivoltaics

Sheep find a home on Texas solar farms as “agrivoltaics” gain popularity

The practice of using land for both agriculture and solar power generation, known as agrivoltaics, is becoming increasingly common in Texas and nationwide.