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Harris narrows potential VP picks to climate, energy moderates
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Washington governor defends climate law against repeal effort
Louisiana carbon-capture & sequestration
oil drilling rig sunset

Lawsuit: State allowance on oil and gas violates New Mexico Constitution

In a complaint spanning 100 pages, environmental groups, youth activists and individuals from the Pueblos, the Permian Basin and Navajo Nation sued the state of New Mexico, top officials and rulemaking bodies on oil and gas.
efforts to protect Chaco from drilling, mining
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NM congressional lawmakers revive effort to protect Chaco from drilling, mining

The bill being brought back 'serves as a means to safeguard our Indigenous histories and reaffirm our enduring connections permanently,'
NM climate politics

Lawmakers, activists call NM governor's climate vetoes a setback

In the spotlight are Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s vetoes of broadly supported geothermal research and certain climate tax credits.
Navajo Nation water rights

Navajo Nation water rights case heard before Supreme Court

Arizona v. Navajo Nation, like many cases heard before the high court, is complicated and this case in particular deals with the tribe’s water rights as it relates to the Colorado River.
Rio Grande failing river health
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‘It’s like a crime scene’ what’s happened to the Rio Grande in far west Texas

Looking with a generations-long view at a colossal shift in river health.
endangered silvery minnows Rio Grande drought

Rescuing silvery minnows like ‘slapping a Band-Aid on a severed limb’

The endangered species is only a symptom within a larger system in peril, conservationists say.
wildfire-damaged acequias New Mexico
Gila National Forest - New/Flickr

$5 million proposal could help acequias recover from disasters in the past and future

Senate Bill 176 would create a $5 million pot that acequia stewards and communities could pull from each year to help recover from disasters that have happened and could occur in the future.