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South Korea pushes ‘carbon-free’ plan at COP28. But its shift to renewables has slowed

South Korea is rolling out a new “carbon-free” campaign at this year’s COP28 that it says will reposition Seoul as a global leader in decarbonization.

South Korea is a test case on how to fight an ecological disaster

South Korea is a test case on how to fight an ecological disaster

After two-thirds of the country’s tidal flats were lost to shoreline development, South Korean scientists set out to prove why this ecosystem is so essential.

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South Korea, Japan heat waves turn deadly as extreme weather persists

South Korea and Japan issued heat alerts as the number of deaths and cases of heatstroke continue to rise. Meanwhile, another typhoon approaches the region.
South Korea US energy transition

South Korea emerges as key partner for America’s energy transition

More than a third of all manufacturing investments under the Inflation Reduction Act projects went to South Korean firms, but the country struggles to ramp up clean energy projects domestically.
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How South Korean food waste is turned into feed, fuel or fertilizer

When wasted food rots in landfills, it pollutes soil and water — and warms the planet. Here’s how one country keeps that from happening.
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Ocean farming: Seaweed is having its moment in the sun

Seaweed is being reimagined as a plastic substitute, even as cattle feed. But can it thrive in a warming world?
Korean solar company plans to build plant in Georgia

Korean solar company plans to build $2.5 billion plant in Georgia

Hanwha Qcells expects to make solar panels and their components in the United States to take advantage of President Biden’s climate policies.