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biodiversity resilience
Credit: Don Henderson/Flickr

Protecting species from extinction is not enough

The loss of species abundance poses a serious threat to biodiversity and ecosystem functionality.

John Reid reports for The Atlantic.

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diminishing natural soundscapes biodiversity loss
Credit: VectorMine/BigStock Photo ID: 444259331

Silence of the natural world signals a biodiversity crisis

Studies reveal that natural soundscapes are diminishing due to loss of species and ecosystem degradation.

Phoebe Weston reports for The Guardian.

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butterfly conservation citizen science
Credit: Bruce Fingerhood/Flickr

Resurrecting butterflies: A tale of hope and survival through conservation efforts

Metamorphosis is both a biological process and a metaphor for the lives of the citizen-scientist inmates of Mission Creek.

Brian Payton reports for Hakai Magazine.

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Migratory species face global decline
Credit: Victoria Pickering/Flickr

Migratory species face a global decline, UN warns

Nearly half of the world's migratory animals are declining, with many at risk of extinction, highlighting the urgent need for global conservation efforts.

Christina Larson reports for The Associated Press.

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bighorn sheep protections & pathogens
Credit: Adam Baker/Flickr

This B.C. bighorn sheep herd’s fight for survival

Between a mysterious illness, dangerous weather and vanishing habitat, a herd of bighorn sheep almost disappeared from Tobacco Plains Indian Band’s backyard. To bring them back means returning the land to how it looked generations ago.

Africa’s raptors in decline
Credit: Ninara/Flickr

Africa’s birds of prey are in decline, a new study finds

Numbers have dropped, in some cases sharply, for nearly all of the 42 raptor species surveyed in sub-Saharan regions.
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tree species assisted migration
Credit: M.E. Sanseverino/Flickr

As tree species face decline, ‘assisted migration’ gains popularity in Pacific Northwest

As native trees in the Pacific Northwest die off due to climate changes, the U.S. Forest Service and others are turning to a strategy called “assisted migration.”