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What needs to be done to stop wildfires in drought-killed forests.

A century of fire suppression followed by the worst drought in recorded history has put California’s forest landscapes and water supply at risk.

WITH 17 LARGE wildfires in California igniting in 24 hours this week, October is shaping up to be a brutal month for wildfires, as it often is. It’s too soon to know what caused multiple conflagrations spreading across Northern California’s wine country, but elsewhere in the state dead and dying trees have been the subject of much concern. The five-year drought in California killed more than 102 million trees on national forest lands. That is a gigantic problem in itself that will lead to huge wildfire risks in the future and big changes in wildlife habitat.

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Justices tee up arguments in water wars, rebuff Blankenship.

The Supreme Court has said it will hold oral arguments in two major battles among states over water rights.

The Supreme Court today said it will hold oral arguments in two major battles among states over water rights.

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Public interest groups decry EPA's utility-friendly move on coal ash.

A last-minute notification from the EPA left opponents with almost no time to weigh in on the disposal of a coal-power byproduct laced with toxics and tied to spills that have cost billions of dollars to clean up.

At 7:51 p.m. on Sept. 14, Lisa Evans’ evening was interrupted by a call from the Environmental Protection Agency. Their after-hours message: An extension granted earlier had suddenly been rescinded, and public comments regarding the overhaul of state regulations on coal ash — one of the most voluminous forms of toxic, industrial waste in the country — were now due in barely four hours, at midnight.

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Pollution could increase as Illinois governor, EPA moves to rescue coal plants.

Gov. Bruce Rauner's administration is pushing to overhaul stringent limits on lung-damaging pollution from some of the last coal-fired power plants in Illinois.

Michael HawthorneContact Reporter

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Wind farms in Ohio pit environmentalists against some neighbors tired of noise, view.

Wind farms are a big, and growing, business in Ohio.

PAYNE, Ohio — From the ground, the narrow aluminum ladder might as well extend to infinity. Actual height: 290 feet.

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Pipeline 'man camps' loom over British Columbia's Highway of Tears.

A B.C. First Nation prepares for a possible influx of thousands of temporary energy industry workers over the next decade to try to prevent increased violence and crime.

Pipeline 'man camps' loom over B.C.'s Highway of Tears

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From oil refineries to solar plants, unions bend California climate change policies in their favor.
Dept of Energy Solar Decathlon

From oil refineries to solar plants, unions bend California climate change policies in their favor.

At a time when the state is trying to dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions, union efforts to protect or create jobs threatens to conflict with goals to combat global warming.

No contour of California’s vast landscape inspires such passionate devotion as its coastline, so state lawmakers recoiled when President Trump announced in April that he wanted to expand offshore drilling. The outrage was channeled into a proposal for preventing any new infrastructure along the water, pipelines or otherwise, for additional oil production.

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