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Legal complaints against university fossil fuel investments filed in the US

Legal complaints against university fossil fuel investments filed in the US

Students at Columbia, Tulane and the University of Virginia have legally challenged their universities' investments in fossil fuels, claiming these are illegal and breach institutional obligations.

Dharna Noor reports for The Guardian.

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new york university divestment fossil fuels
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New York University will divest from fossil fuels in win for student activists

One of largest private universities in US, with endowment of over $5bn, takes steps to address climate crisis after years of student protest.

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At Case Western, student activists want the administration to move more decisively on climate change

As the fall semester approaches, student groups at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland continue pushing for divestment from fossil fuels, among other environmentally conscious measures, as part of a larger movement that has extended throughout the nation’s college campuses.

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Stifling heat spells misery in schools with no air conditioning

August and September will bring tens of millions of public school students back to class. Many face health risks from rising temperatures.
climate education
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Most teachers support teaching students about climate change, survey finds

Kids today will face a future with more severe droughts, stronger storms, and rising sea levels. Yet many schools are not preparing students for the climate of tomorrow.

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Is your university profiting from climate change?

Climate change initiatives by universities sometimes mask their financial ties to Big Oil. Students are demanding change.
Student climate protest Europe
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Students occupy schools and universities across Europe in climate protest

Twenty-two institutions have been shut down as part of proposed month-long campaign.