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Poll shows strong voter support for suing oil companies over climate impact
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Trump vows to dismantle Biden’s electric vehicle policies
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Where’s the snow? Snowboarding brands are trying to find out for themselves

Snowboarding brands are changing their strategies and entering policy debates, as climate change continues to upend the snowfall calendar.

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More après, less ski: What this season’s weather means for ski season

Conditions that are less than ideal (too little snow in some areas, too much in others) have left would-be skiers to find other forms of winter revelry.
Fashion Weeks are unsustainable

Fashion Weeks are unsustainable. Can strict rules fix that?

Organizers of Copenhagen Fashion Week have created sustainability requirements for participating designers with the goal of setting a new industry standard.
Will we ever be able to recycle our clothes like an aluminum can?

Will we ever be able to recycle our clothes like an aluminum can?

A new factory operated by Renewcell, a textile recycling company in Sweden, is the first step in turning old clothes into new, high-quality fashion.
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It’s never too late to become an activist

Thirteen years ago, Bonnie McKinlay, a former schoolteacher, retired and embraced another passion: climate activism. She’s been arrested four times, but says it’s worth it.
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Redefining ‘sustainable fashion’

At its heart, the term, which can leave us feeling as if we’re chasing an impossible ideal, is a contradiction.
The moral quandary of 'slow fashion' influencers

The moral quandary of 'slow fashion' influencers

Is it possible to preach the values of sustainability while still promoting consumption?