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rapid melting thwaites glacier
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Mexico City's water crisis deepens amid urban growth and climate change
Heavy rains spur mosquito surge in Houston with climate change worsening the issue
Regenerative agriculture drought resilience
Credit: HalfPoint/BigStock Photo ID: 451757997

Regenerative agriculture shows potential for British Columbia drought resilience

A Swiss-born farmer in British Columbia demonstrates how regenerative agricultural practices can boost resilience to extreme drought conditions that increasingly threaten regional food security.

Matt Simmons reports for The Narwhal.

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land use sustainable agriculture
Credit: Mizzou CAFNR/Flickr

New ideas shed light on addressing climate issues

Environmental scientist Hannah Ritchie discusses how technological advances could lead to a more sustainable future in the face of climate challenges.

Ezra Klein reports for The New York Times.

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azolla as a future food source
Credit: Harry Rose/Flickr

Exploring the potential of azolla as a future food source

A versatile fern called azolla could revolutionize food production by offering a sustainable source of nutrition and aiding in carbon capture, according to recent research.

Matt Simon reports for Wired.

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agroecology climate resilience adaptation
Credit: Global Justice Now/Flickr

Pre-pesticides, pro-farmer: the rise of agroecology

One part ancient practices, one part worker justice, a new-old way of farming is adapting agriculture for an uncertain world.
climate-friendly meat & dairy

Meat companies like Tyson marketing “climate-friendly” burgers, but experts are skeptical

A climate-friendly hamburger? A carbon-neutral glass of milk? As companies make bold claims, a heated debate erupts.
Solar pumps empowering women farmers
Credit: Prashanth Vishwanathan/Water Alternatives Photos/Flickr

Solar pumps are empowering women farmers in India

On top of its climate benefits, the technology is boosting women's income and confidence while challenging traditional gender norms.
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drought climate farming
Credit: jean wimmerlin/Unsplash

Opinion: Climate change and soil loss — the new Dust Bowl?

How we can save our soil, stabilize the climate, and prevent a new Dust Bowl.

In May, seven people died and 37 were injured when a rare dust storm caused a 72-vehicle pileup on Interstate 55 in Illinois.

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