swiss glacier

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swiss glacier
Image by Walter Frehner from Pixabay

As Switzerland’s glaciers shrink, a way of life may melt away

Rising temperatures and retreating glaciers threaten Europe’s water tower, forcing local farmers to adapt and presaging larger troubles downstream.

swiss mountains
Image by Jonathan Reichel from Pixabay

Swiss glaciers lose 10% of their volume in two years

Scientists have said climate breakdown caused by the burning of fossil fuels is the cause of unusually hot summers and winters with very low snow volume, which have caused the accelerating melts.

Shrinking Swiss glacier gets a climate-change postcard

Shrinking Swiss glacier gets a climate-change postcard

Switzerland's Aletsch glacier is western Europe's largest expanse of ice, but Swiss scientists say it's receding at an unprecedented pace, losing up to 12 meters (13 yards) of ice a year.