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mining leaking acid climate permafrost

Climate changed: Mining industry digs into alternative methods as risks rise

In the North, some mines risk leaking acid if the permafrost melts, while across Canada heavier rainfall will add strain to tailings dams and a lack of it could throw operations.

Life, death, and renewal in the Campo Rupestre

Life, death, and renewal in the Campo Rupestre

In a little-known region of Brazil that calls to mind Tolkien’s Middle-earth, unique lifeforms have evolved to endure innumerable environmental challenges. Can they survive the country's latest era of deregulation?
Mount Polley tailings dam disaster

Six years after Mount Polley disaster, expert recommendations not fully implemented: report

Six years after the Mount Polley disaster, B.C. and international regulatory organizations are still failing to make mining safe, according to several groups monitoring the industry.