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rapid melting thwaites glacier
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Mexico City's water crisis deepens amid urban growth and climate change
Heavy rains spur mosquito surge in Houston with climate change worsening the issue
texas electric vehicles

Bad air. Climate change. Dallas County officials look to electric vehicles for help

The air quality around major cities in North Texas is among the worst in the state. Dallas County officials want to electrify their fleet to help improve the air, but it’s not a quick or easy process.
climate impacts water north texas

North Texas searches for more water as growth and climate change loom

The Marvin Nichols Reservoir, according to the people who want to build it, would likely keep the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex watered into the 22nd century. It would also flood Gary Cheatwood's community in Northeast Texas.

houston harvard climate research

As climate change threatens many safety net clinics, Harvard researchers look to Houston

As climate-related illnesses only intensify due to hotter temperatures and more frequent hurricanes, researchers look for ways safety net clinics can better protect the most vulnerable.
climate energy politics

Climate change, energy policy playing a bigger role in 2020 debates

After being largely left out of the 2016 debates, energy and the environment have been discussed at every presidential debate this election cycle. That’s expected to continue Thursday night.