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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
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Photo by ETA+ on Unsplash

We have less than ten years to avert catastrophe

Carbon dioxide emissions increased by almost 5% last year, meaning that the world now has a two-in-three chance of reaching 1.5 degrees Celsius of global warming over pre-industrial levels within the decade, according to a new study published in the online journal Nature Reviews Earth & Environment.

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Maya octopus could leave Yucatan due to climate change

For many it goes unnoticed, but climate change is a serious threat in Yucatan, and as an example, the region’s endemic octopus, the Mayan Octopus, sensitive to temperature changes, can “abandon” the local coast in the next 50 years and migrate to other areas to survive.

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Yucatan is a national model in the fight against climate change and environmental protection

Yucatan is spearheading environmental protection by urgently addressing the climate emergency with legislative initiatives, programs focused on waste management, and clean energy generation, fighting promoted by the Government of Yucatan, to have an increasingly green state.