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Ambitious Tokyo flood tunnels tested by worsening natural disasters

Japan has financed enormously expensive infrastructure projects to protect cities from catastrophe, but old adaptation plans may not be enough against increasingly heavy rains.
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Japan's three mega-banks to face votes on climate change

A coalition of climate groups are stepping up pressure on Japan’s top three banks to cut financing linked to fossil fuels, filing shareholder resolutions to be voted on at the companies’ annual general meetings in June, sources said on Monday.

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Japan’s cherry blossoms are blooming earlier and earlier. Blame climate change

Tokyo’s cherry blossoms have begun blooming, tying records set in 2020 and 2021 for the earliest start dates on record.
Toyota pushes zero-emission goals by converting old models

Toyota pushes zero-emission goals by converting old models

To accelerate the global move toward sustainable vehicles, Toyota is suggesting simply replacing the inner workings of vehicles already on the roads with cleaner technology like fuel cells and electric motors.

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Tokyo to mandate rooftop solar panels on new homes

The mandate, which goes into effect in April of 2025, applies to roughly 50 large construction companies, which will be required to install solar arrays on homes with up to 2,000 square meters of floor space.

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Record heat wave cooks Japan, straining power grid

Nearly 5,000 people have been hospitalized amid one of the severest heat waves Japan has seen in over a century, with 37 million people in and around Tokyo told to conserve electricity in response to record-breaking temperatures that are straining the power grid.

Record heat wave cooks Japan, straining power grid

Record heat wave cooks Japan, straining power grid

The last time Japan recorded consistently high temperatures in June was in 1875.