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Poll shows strong voter support for suing oil companies over climate impact
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Trump vows to dismantle Biden’s electric vehicle policies
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Tory MPs fail to support climate issues since 2010, study shows

Tory MPs fail to support climate issues since 2010, study shows

No Conservative MPs have voted positively on climate issues since 2010, according to a VoteClimate study.

Fiona Harvey reports for The Guardian.

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UK climate leadership
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Why is Britain retreating from global leadership on climate action?

While Britain has long been a leader in cutting emissions, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is now implementing a stunning reversal of climate-friendly policies, with new plans to “max out” oil production. Business leaders have joined environmentalists in condemning the moves.
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Caroline Lucas: The Tories’ huge new oilfield is a moral obscenity – but Rosebank can still be stopped

Reliance on oil won’t slash our bills: this is a climate crime that will leave our economy more vulnerable.

Roger Harrabin climate opinion tories
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Roger Harrabin: After 30 years, I’m finally saying what I’m not supposed to say about climate change

Veteran BBC analyst Roger Harrabin was encouraged not to ‘sap the will of the public’ by reporting the full extent of dismay among climate scientists. But Rishi Sunak’s rowback on net zero has changed all that…
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Key ‘Bidenomics’ architect calls for spending ‘race to the top’ on green tech

Governments around the world must drastically increase public investment in green technologies to combat global heating and drive sustainable economic growth, a top adviser to President Joe Biden has said.

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Ditching net zero will cost us blue wall, Tory MPs tell Sunak

Rishi Sunak has been warned that any attempt to dilute net zero commitments on climate change could cost them crucial seats in the “blue wall” south of England.

British government signals support for oil and gas industry
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British government signals support for oil and gas industry

With a general election expected next year, the government said it would issue new licenses for energy exploration in the North Sea.