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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
DeSantis & Florida climate denial
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Air quality tool doesn’t measure wildfire smoke’s real risks

Experts say the primary tool for measuring air quality in Canada, the Air Quality Health Index, conveys a false sense of confidence to people while failing to capture the true danger of wildfire smoke.

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A grim report about climate change in Ontario was kept quiet for 8 months

Presented to the government in January but only posted publicly in late August, the government did not issue a news release about the report. It follows a summer where Ontarians faced at times extreme heat, heavy rainstorms and unprecedented wildfire smoke.

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'Money talks': Federal environment minister calls on businesses, banks to fight climate change

Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault says businesses and financial institutions around the world need to do more to fight climate change — and climate finance needs to be on the agenda for the next United Nations climate summit.
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Conditions predicted to worsen in Toronto as poor air quality, high levels of pollution confirmed

Environment Canada has increased the air quality risk level for Toronto on Wednesday, up from Tuesday, as smoky conditions continue to swirl around the city and the smell of burning fills the air.
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Province trumps Toronto to raise Portlands production, pollution

The twin smokestacks at the Portlands will be belching out more smoke more often in the coming years, increasing air pollution in downtown Toronto and ramping up carbon emissions, as the gas plant has been given the go-ahead to boost its electricity generation.

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Climate change might put Toronto’s lone ski hill in jeopardy

Earl Bales ski hill provides important and accessible opportunities for recreation. Warmer and warmer winters in Toronto might change that.
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Climate change effect on public transit to cost billions: FAO

Ontario's financial watchdog says the effects of climate change are projected to cost the province an extra $1.5 billion a year on average in the next few years just to maintain public transportation infrastructure.