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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
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Climate change must be a priority in upcoming UK election debates, say environmental groups
hunger strike to protest plastics giant Formosa

Frontline communities launch hunger strike to protest plastics giant Formosa

Strikers are seeking justice for victims of a 2016 toxic spill in Vietnam, caused by the Taiwan-based company.

Petroleum asphalt Yellowstone train derailment

Petroleum asphalt remains in Yellowstone River, even after cleanup from train derailment

Two months after a railroad bridge collapse sent carloads of hazardous oil products plunging into Montana’s Yellowstone River, the cleanup workers are gone and a mess remains.
dangerous shipping cargo overloaded ships

The Zim Kingston spill and the dangers of cargo in B.C. waters

More than 100 sea cans were lost in B.C. waters after a storm wracked the Zim Kingston last fall. Bigger vessels, weighed down with more goods, are making shipping riskier.

toxic coal ash spill near Florida

This barge capsized and leaked a massive stream of toxic coal ash near Florida

A plume of ash roughly 1,000 feet long could be seen spilling out of the half-submerged barge, which was moving the industrial byproduct from Puerto Rico to Georgia after Puerto Ricans refused to accept it.
coal ash leaking from stranded barge

I-TEAM: Email reveals how much coal ash has leaked from stranded barge

An internal email obtained by the News4JAX I-TEAM from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission details how much coal ash has spilled from a leaking barge off the coast of Atlantic Beach.
tundra oil reservoirs are threat

Warning from eco inspectors: more tundra oil reservoirs could collapse

The Russian Environmental Authority calls on Nornickel and its subsidiary to close down a major fuel storage park and empty the reservoirs of diesel oil.

Did North Dakota regulators hide an oil and gas industry spill larger than Exxon Valdez?

Did North Dakota regulators hide an oil and gas industry spill larger than Exxon Valdez?

In July 2015 workers noticed a leak in a pipeline and reported a spill to the North Dakota Department of Health that remains officially listed as 10 gallons.