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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
DeSantis & Florida climate denial
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Indigenous concerns about the environmental and social costs of the green transition
Credit: 12019/Pixabay

Indigenous concerns about the environmental and social costs of the green transition

Indigenous leaders express growing concerns about the environmental and social impacts of green energy projects.

Anita Hofschneider reports for Grist.

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Balancing sustainability and economic needs in Southeast Asia's energy transition

Indonesia and Vietnam face the intricate task of aligning their green aspirations and financial strategies with the existing commitment to numerous coal-powered energy projects.

David Hutt reports for Deutsche-Welle.

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Time to kill off ‘net zero’

Fossil fuel companies are no longer denying the realities of climate change — which many of them reported on privately for decades. Instead, they’re attempting to position themselves as key players in the “low-carbon transition.”

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Will California’s shift to electric vehicles work?

California enacted a historic mandate to replace gasoline cars with electric vehicles within 12 years. But can the state meet its deadline?
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Clean energy transition gains speed, despite global tumult

Investment in wind and solar is set to outpace oil and gas drilling for the first time this year, according to one analyst — a milestone in the worldwide transition to clean energy that comes in spite of a spiraling energy crisis and calls to increase fossil fuel production.

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Feeling overwhelmed about going all-electric at home? Here’s how to get started

You can’t completely banish fossil fuels from your home in one fell swoop, but some achievable plays are within reach.

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Gas to offshore wind? N.Y. illustrates grid challenge

Oil and gas companies are asking New York to connect large volumes of offshore wind to the grid at a gas plant, underscoring a national push to transform old fossil fuel sites for renewable energy projects.