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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
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electrical grid expansion

Biden needs a fast expansion of the electric grid. One project waited 17 years for its permits.

U.S. climate goals will drift out of reach if expanding amounts of renewable electricity can't reach cities and suburbs.
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For offshore wind aspirations to become reality, transmission hurdles must be cleared

Getting offshore wind power to electric consumers will require billions in upgrades to the electric grid and better regional planning.
offshore wind on  the coast of Louisiana

Feds take big step forward to evaluate wind off the coast of Louisiana; here's how

Another step toward wind projects aimed at generating energy off the coast of Louisiana and other Gulf states is being taken by the Biden administration.
Offshore wind is poised to take off in the U.S.—but it won’t be easy

Offshore wind is poised to take off in the U.S.—but it won’t be easy

The Biden administration plans to build thousands of offshore wind turbines by 2030, a daunting task. Experts say it’s possible if everything goes as planned.