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Senate grills Haaland over energy
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Tensions rise as US stance on plastic treaty draws criticism
Farmers' protests challenge EU's climate policies
sewage treatment plants flooding

Rising flood risks threaten many water and sewage treatment plants across the US

Across the U.S., municipal water systems and sewage treatment plants are at increasing risk of damage from floods and sea-level rise brought on in part or even wholly by climate change.
climate carnegie startup GreenSwans

Carnegie climate technology startup looks to a greener future for revenue

The daunting issues of environmental pollution and sustainability are challenges that can best be solved by the profit motive, a Carnegie startup company says.

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Kansas City allergy season worse due to climate change

Our changing climate is leading to changes in our daily lives. For allergy sufferers, that may mean your itchy nose and watery eyes will get worse.