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Climate change is threatening Madagascar's famous forests – our study shows how serious it is

Climate change is a huge threat to Madagascar’s four forest types – urgent action is needed to ensure they don’t disappear completely.
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Even without human-driven deforestation, climate change threatens some forests

In a study published in Science, researchers analyzed a set of climate and ecosystem models to predict the risks that climate change poses to forests.

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Trial of palm oil tycoon Surya Darmadi begins in Jakarta

Palm oil tycoon Surya Darmadi began trial in Jakarta on Thursday over an alleged corruption scheme that deforested tens of thousands of hectares on the island of Sumatra.

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Wildlife don’t recognize borders, nor does climate change. Conservation should keep up

A set of studies focused on the China-Vietnam border demonstrates that the impacts of climate change will make transboundary conservation even more important for endangered species like the Cao-Vit gibbon and tiger geckos.

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Tropical trees’ growth and CO2 intake hit by more extreme dry seasons

A new study has found that dry seasons that are warmer and drier than usual can stunt the growth of tropical trees, causing them to take in less carbon dioxide.

Study suggests tropical forests can regenerate naturally

Study suggests tropical forests can regenerate naturally — if we let them

A study carried out by scientists in 18 countries found tropical forests to be more resilient than once believed and largely capable of regenerating over just a few decades.

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The frog and the gecko: Why tropical species are at greater climate risk

While species are and will be affected everywhere by climate change, those already living in a warm climate will reach their tolerance threshold faster.