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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
DeSantis & Florida climate denial
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Trump Administration pushes last-minute actions that could hurt wildlife and the environment

Trump Administration pushes last-minute actions that could hurt wildlife and the environment

Overshadowed by the turmoil of the presidential transition, the Trump administration's actions may harm animals and the environment.
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Democrats weigh options for undoing Trump rollbacks

President Trump used props to highlight his deregulation efforts last week. But the president's opponents are preparing for the end of his time in office and are crafting plans for erasing his legacy.

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Trump’s continued disregard for the environment and climate change poses a mortal threat

American voters face a fork in their own road this November - stay on the Trump expressway to environmental degradation and catastrophic climate change, or shift to the road, bumpy as it may be, to a cleaner environment and more sustainable future of wind, solar and other energy sources that do not involve burning fossil fuels.

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Trump's environmental rollback will silence citizens' voices, critics in NW charge

Northwest conservation and anti-pollution organizations say the Trump administration’s changes to a bedrock environmental law from the Nixon era will have major impacts in the region.
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Trump to weaken environmental rules to speed infrastructure permits

President Trump is set to unilaterally weaken one of the nation's bedrock conservation laws, the National Environmental Policy Act, limiting public review of federal infrastructure projects to speed up the permitting of freeways, power plants and pipelines.

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More than a dozen states unite to boost electric trucks

More than a dozen states are teaming up to boost sales of pickup trucks, school buses and big rigs that run entirely on electricity and do not pump climate-warming pollution into the air.

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U.S. judge throws out Trump policy favoring drilling over sage grouse protection

A U.S. judge in Montana has thrown out a Trump administration directive that weakened an Obama-era policy aimed at protecting a threatened Western bird, invalidating hundreds of oil and gas leases on federal land in Montana and Wyoming.