uaw ev transition negotiations

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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
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Local leaders call for auto workers’ gains to spread to EV plants, Southern Black workers

More than 60 Black political leaders, wrote to President Biden asking him to push for higher standards in the rapidly growing electric vehicle industry.
uaw & ev transition negotiations

Editorial: Settle the UAW strike before it crashes the EV revolution

Striking autoworkers have made their point: The transition to electric vehicles has to take the labor force’s interests into account. Now it’s time to settle.
UAW & EV transition negotiations
US Department of Labor/Flickr/ Credit: Department of Labor/ Shawn T Moore

Transition to electric vehicles at the heart of UAW’s tough contract demands

There’s less than a month before labor contracts between the UAW and Detroit automakers expire, and the two sides appear destined for a head-on collision.