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UK weather: 2023 was second warmest year on record, says Met Office

The 10 warmest years in the UK have all occurred since 2003 according to provisional Met Office data.
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Empty nests: Why UK’s winter bird numbers are in sharp decline

Fewer and fewer migrant species, which used to be seasonal fixtures, are flying to our shores as the climate crisis takes its toll on their habitat.

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Climate crisis fuelling unseasonably warm October in UK and Europe, say experts

In the coming days, the Met Office forecasts it will be unusually warm in much of mainland Europe, not just the UK, which has been experiencing temperatures above average.

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Why you need to worry about the ‘wet-bulb temperature’

Scientists think we need to pay attention to a measure of heat and humidity – and it’s edging closer to the limits of human survivability.

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George Monbiot: This heatwave has eviscerated the idea that small changes can tackle extreme weather

Let’s stop lying to ourselves and others by pretending that small measures deliver major change. Let’s abandon the timidity and tokenism. Let’s stop bringing buckets of water when only fire engines will do.

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Body shock: Six ways the heat affects the human body

How excessive temperatures can harm every part of our bodies causing, in extreme cases, cancer, strokes and heart attacks.

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Eleanor Salter: The Met Office will declare fewer heatwaves; what a gift for climate crisis deniers

the Met Office is changing the definition of a heatwave in eight counties by raising the required temperature threshold.