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Poll shows strong voter support for suing oil companies over climate impact
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Trump vows to dismantle Biden’s electric vehicle policies
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Mind the gaps: how the UN climate plan fails to follow the science
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Mind the gaps: how the UN climate plan fails to follow the science

The U.N. climate conference in Dubai agreed on a plan to keep global warming to 1.5 degrees C and achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. But researchers are warning that these pledges are not grounded in sound science and will fail to prevent the worst impacts of climate change.
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Cop29 host Azerbaijan to hike gas output by a third over next decade

Environmentalists condemn news of higher forecast production which is also seen as a conservative forecast.

24 climate predictions for 2024
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24 climate predictions for 2024

Grist reporters weigh in on the climate trends that will shape the year ahead.
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3 wins and 3 losses at COP28 UN climate conference in the UAE

At COP28 global leaders agreed to transition away from fossil fuels—just not how or how fast.
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COP28 does not deliver clear path to fossil fuel phase out

Small island states that arrived after the document was approved, don’t accept the outcome as a consensus decision.
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What if debt was written off to protect climate and nature?

From Barbados to Belize, nations are beginning to swap debt for action on climate and conservation. But how far can this help without deeper reform of the global financial system?
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After 30 years of waiting, Cop28 deal addresses the elephant in the room

He was personally vilified, but Sultan Al Jaber has managed what no other Cop presidency has ever done.