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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
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Study: Higher concentrations of arsenic, uranium in drinking water in Black, Latino, Indigenous communities

The findings, researchers said, underscore the reality that communities where people of color live often bear the brunt of "contamination that they didn't cause."

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Drilling down on water access as drought becomes the ‘new normal’

Crystal Tulley-Cordova’s job is addressing one of the most pressing needs of the Navajo Nation: access to clean water.

‘We’re losing our people'

‘We’re losing our people'

COVID-19 ravaged Indigenous tribes in New Mexico. State and federal data reveal how a long legacy of uranium exposure may have made them uniquely vulnerable.
Why should NM store nation’s nuclear waste?

Why should NM store nation’s nuclear waste?

A reasonable alternative is to leave this dangerous radioactive nuclear waste at the nuclear plants that produced it in dry cask storage rather than multiply the risk by transporting thousands of containers.