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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
DeSantis & Florida climate denial
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In Phoenix, record heat is being fueled by urban sprawl

As the Arizona city shatters temperature records, its sprawling urban footprint is making things even hotter — and harder to keep people safe.
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Tornado forecasts are more accurate. Why aren't they saving more lives?

America's tornado warning system is a patchwork of municipal sirens, cell phone alerts, and radio and TV messages. But even as forecasting for dangerous storms improves, people who live in rural areas too often miss the life-saving warnings.

Colorado land use & housing
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Legislative proposal in Colorado aims to tackle urban sprawl, a housing shortage and climate change all at once

Surveying the loss of homes in wildfires and a half-century of rapid growth, a new measure introduced by the governor and state Democrats promotes sustainable land use and climate-resilient communities.

Europe’s cities are getting more crowded—that's a good thing
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Europe’s cities are getting more crowded—that's a good thing

The sprawling mass of suburbia has been a disaster for the environment. But now smaller, denser cities herald a renaissance in city living.
Calgary's choice: suburbs or climate

As Calgary’s population grows, will it choose suburbs or climate?

As much as three quarters of Calgary’s growth is in new suburbs but a new climate strategy could force a reckoning
Southern Ontario land use

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Can Southern Ontario build housing while saving farmland?

Golden Horseshoe municipalities have until July 1 to produce a growth plan that looks to 2051. Doug Ford's government prefers single-family housing, but some cities and regions are resisting urban sprawl.

How ailing strip malls could be a green fix for U.S. housing crisis

How ailing strip malls could be a green fix for U.S. housing crisis

Urban designer Peter Calthorpe has a plan for shuttered and financially troubled strip malls that dot the suburban landscape: Convert malls into housing that would be part of green communities where people could be closer to work and ditch their cars.