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greenhouse gas emissions reductions
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Environmental impacts are worsening global human rights, says report
Former EPA head predicts swift end to Biden’s climate policies under a new Trump administration
New tariffs on Chinese goods by the Biden administration amidst campaign tensions

New tariffs on Chinese goods by the Biden administration amidst campaign tensions

Amidst election-year campaigning, the Biden administration introduces new tariffs targeting Chinese electric vehicles and other key products.

Josh Boak, Fatima Hussein, Paul Wiseman, and Didi Tang report for The Associated Press.

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global warming climate impacts

A steady six in 10 say global warming's effects have begun

After some fluctuation in Americans' global warming views at the start of the century, these have steadied at fairly high levels of unease on all measures.
climate politics william kate

Prince and Princess of Wales likely to meet with President Biden during Boston visit

Royal couple’s visit will focus on climate change and the early years before culminating in the Earthshot Prize award ceremony on Friday.

gallup poll climate impacts

Extreme weather has affected one in three Americans

One in three U.S. adults say they have been personally affected by an extreme weather event in the past two years. These victims express greater concern about climate change.
climate solutions energy

Natural gas bans: Can you slow global warming and still eat well?

With concerns over greenhouse gas emissions rising, some cities are banning natural gas in the kitchens of the future, and creating a policy dilemma: Can we slow global warming and still eat well?

china coal power climate

China, US announce separate, major steps to combat climate change

Chinese President Xi Jinping said his country will no longer fund coal-fired power plants abroad, surprising the world on climate for the second straight year at the U.N. General Assembly.
hawaii indigenous climate solutions

Hawaiians look to tradition to cope with climate change

Environmentalists say reviving traditional values can reduce the damage by limiting coastal erosion, reversing the rising acidity of coastal waters and lessening flooding from intense storms.