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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
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florida flooding climate impacts

Hurricanes Ian and Nicole left devastating flooding in Central Florida. Will it happen again?

Florida’s wetlands have historically served as natural sponges but are now filled with explosive growth and development. Throw in climate change concerns, and many wonder whether 2022’s flooding represents a new norm.
frozen iguanas climate impacts

Iguana invaders may be adapting to cold in Florida

Research suggests cold-stunned iguanas falling from trees in Florida could be rarer in the future — both due to climbing global temperatures from unchecked climate change and a shift in cold hardiness in the lizards.
south florida climate impacts water flooding

Sea-level rise becoming a hazard for suburban South Florida neighborhoods far from ocean

Neighborhoods 20 miles inland are starting to feel the impact, as the Atlantic Ocean's higher elevation makes it harder for drainage canals to keep them dry.

Climate change will cause massive movement of wildlife, study says

Climate change will cause massive movement of wildlife, study says

A new study describes the future mass redistribution of plants and animals on Earth due to climate change.