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Edinburgh becomes first capital city in Europe to endorse Plant Based Treaty to fight climate change

Edinburgh endorses Plant Based Treaty to help fight climate change with a move towards a vegan diet.

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Eating less food from animal sources is key to reducing the risk of wildlife-origin diseases and global warming

Infectious diseases originating in wild animals are high and may be increasing. This is a sign that ecosystem degradation is undermining the planet’s capacity to sustain human wellbeing.
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Climate Change: Israeli activists urge action against animal agriculture

Israeli activists joined colleagues from across the world to demand that governments work to cut back on animal agriculture and encourage vegan diets at the Bonn Climate Change Conference in Germany this past week.

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Going vegan: Can switching to a plant-based diet really save the planet?

Experts say changing the way we eat is necessary for the future of the planet but that government policy is needed alongside this. If politicians are serious about wanting dietary changes, they also need to incentivise it.