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Congress moves to enhance mining rights on federal land
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World Bank suggests reprioritizing agricultural subsidies to combat climate change

World Bank suggests reprioritizing agricultural subsidies to combat climate change

The World Bank proposes shifting subsidies from high-emission foods like red meat and dairy to more sustainable options such as poultry and vegetables, aiming to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions.

Federica Di Sario reports for POLITICO.

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JM Fortier wants to help more small-scale farmers grow vegetables in winter

In his latest book, the Canadian market farmer and educator hopes to inspire a new generation of small-scale farmers to extend their growing seasons in an effort to boost food sovereignty.
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In the face of extreme weather, scientists look to adapt crops

Do wild varieties of overlooked grains, fruits, and vegetables hold the key to developing more resilient agriculture?
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California leads the way in low-carbon school meals

Students returning to schools across the U.S. have found expanded plant-based options in their cafeterias, but California is raising the bar with an array of recent initiatives.
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Bees, butterflies and other county pollinators getting millions in support

Because of the impacts of climate change, habitat loss, disease and the use of pesticides, the number of pollinators that make so many fruits and vegetables possible are on the decline.

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Discounting produce at the end of its shelf-life can cut food waste— and help fight climate change

Anew study from the University of California San Diego's Rady School of Management found that dynamic food pricing could help keep more perishable items out of landfills, reducing food waste by 21% or more.

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Pa. farmers dig into soil as one climate change solution

The federal government’s Climate Smart Commodities grant program has a goal of sequestering — through climate-smart ag practices — more than 60 million metric tons of carbon dioxide, equivalent to that produced by 10 million gas-powered vehicles annually.