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Russian Arctic oil & gas

We are building a 'Noah's Ark' in the Arctic, says Russia's most powerful oil company leader

A great Flood is on its way from the West, Igor Sechin warns. He finds salvation in Arctic project Vostok Oil.
Russian Arctic policy collapsing

Big collapse looms over Russian Arctic policy

Energy projects are put on hold and hyped ambitions for the Northern Sea Route increasingly look doomed. At the same time, the country is frozen out of international Arctic cooperation.

Barents Sea oil shipments

Oil shipments through Barents Sea could rocket with Rosneft's new Arctic field

The Russian state company intends to produce 30 million tons in its Vostok Oil project in 2024. Most of it will be shipped to Murmansk, and from there along the Norwegian coast to the world market.
India & Russia Arctic petroleum

Arctic oil on the table as Indian Minister pays visit to Russia

The huge Vostok Oil project was key issue of discussion when Indian Minister of Petroleum and Natural gas Shri Hardeep S Puri sat down for talks with Rosneft's Igor Sechin.