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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
DeSantis & Florida climate denial
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Vermont diversity & climate justice

Vermont Climate Council’s equity group reflects on accusations of tokenism, barriers to better representation

A subcommittee member led others through an exercise that put a fine point on the demographic makeup of the Climate Council’s Just Transitions subcommittee. It’s charged with protecting Vermont’s most vulnerable communities while Vermont transitions through climate-focused changes.
vermont climate politics

Vermont teens call on lawmakers to act on climate change and pass the Affordable Heat Act

As legislators scrambled to meet crossover deadlines for policy bills at the Statehouse on Friday, youth climate activists spent the day calling on lawmakers to prioritize climate justice.

protection for Vermont forests
Jim Germond

In search of ‘balance’: Conservationists wade into an age-old debate as they seek more protection for forests

As lawmakers and land trusts pursue conservation goals, new trends in the state mean Vermonters are having “a really tough conversation about what our forests are, what they mean to us and what we want from them,” one forester said.
Warm spell sends maple sugarmakers into action

Resilience and madness: Warm spell sends maple sugarmakers into action

“Sugaring is a roller coaster from total discouragement to utter euphoria. Seems to go from one extreme to another,” said Lew Coty, co-owner of Nebraska Knoll Farm.
Anthony Iarrapino vermont energy climate

Anthony Iarrapino: Vermont needs to overcome its NIMBY notions

Vermonters have for a long time had the luxury of imposing much of our energy production pollution burdens on those who live in faraway places. Our complicity in this environmental injustice is yet another reason to embrace clean, local renewable alternatives.
Vince Bolduc climate housing

Vince Bolduc: To solve the housing and climate crises, we need a bigger map

If climate problems are made worse by sprawl and long commutes, then most new housing should be in, or close to, the urban core.

Bill Schubart: Is this a January thaw or an apocalyptic warning?

Bill Schubart: Is this a January thaw or an apocalyptic warning?

It's past time to reconsider our relationship with our earthly home. We have a model to emulate — the historical relationship that Indigenous peoples had with their lands.