water quality decline

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small dams cumulative impacts on Amazonia

Series of small dams pose big cumulative risk to Amazon’s fish and people

Small hydropower plants and small-scale fish farming in the Brazilian Amazon basin are often thought to cause negligible environmental harm, yet a new study reveals their cumulative damage is greatly underestimated and can be more impactful than large dams.

B.C. has a mine waste problem

B.C. has a mine waste problem and it could be catastrophic

As the province permits mines to hold more tailings slurry behind ever-growing dams, a new report finds the consequences of a failure grow in step. Climate change could make things even worse.

oil & gas killing PNG Lake Kutubu

Study chronicles dying of a lake in PNG with advent of oil & gas activities

A new study finds warning signs of ecosystem collapse at Lake Kutubu in Papua New Guinea, a wetland of international significance.