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FERC authorizes Mountain Valley Pipeline operations
Copper recycling increases as demand soars
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aquifer depletion & groundwater pumping
Credit: VectorMine/Flickr

The world’s essential aquifers are in deep trouble

New research finds that the groundwater systems that hydrate your life are in rapid, sometimes accelerating decline around the globe. Here’s how to stop the retreat.
new mexico fracking wastewater recycling
Credit: Governor Jay Inslee/Flickr

New Mexico says it's moving ahead with governor's brackish water plan amid protests outside Capitol

Environmental and Indigenous groups say Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham's proposal to purchase treated water for industrial use amounts to a handout to the oil and gas industry.

glass of water splash
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Not ‘toilet to tap:’ CA will turn sewage into drinking water

Under California’s draft rules, waste would undergo extensive treatment and testing, providing a new, costly but renewable water supply.
beer from recycled greywater
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This beer is made from recycled shower water. Is it the taste of the future?

Epic Cleantec’s beverage highlights one way to tackle extreme drought: by turning recycled waste into potable products.

‘It’s an unimaginable number of fish’

‘It’s an unimaginable number of fish’

You’ve probably seen pictures or even smelled them by now. This past week, thousands upon thousands of dead fish washed up on shorelines all over the Bay Area. And there are way more beneath the surface. So, what's behind this? And is this a one-off, or a sign that we need to do something to
Be ‘less squeamish' about drinking recycled wastewater, British official says

Be ‘less squeamish' about drinking recycled wastewater, British official says

As droughts become more frequent, drinking water that has been reprocessed from sewage treatment is the future, the head of Britain’s Environment Agency said.
giant sprinkler system can protect cities from wildfires

This giant sprinkler system can protect cities from wildfires

Two Spanish towns have built a network of towers that douse surrounding trees with recycled water—stopping fire in its tracks.