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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
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Will a shrinking Colorado River shrivel the produce aisle?

The U.S. gets its leafy greens and other fresh produce from the Southwest in winter. Less Colorado River water could mean higher prices or more imported.

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Another hot, dry summer may push parts of Texas to the brink

Some areas are starting the year with low water reserves, and forecasters don’t expect substantial relief from the weather.
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Drought touches a quarter of humanity, U.N. says, disrupting life globally

The crisis, worsened partly by climate change, has been accompanied by soaring food prices and could have consequences for hunger, elections and migration worldwide.
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Will Arizona close a loophole that lets developers build without water?

Despite water woes in “wildcat” neighborhoods, lawmakers may not act.
Snow shortages are plaguing the West's mountains
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Snow shortages are plaguing the West's mountains

Some ski areas remain closed. But an even greater concern amid a changing climate is whether enough snow will fall to meet water needs for the summer.

New Mexico looks to address increasing aridity with brackish and produced water. Experts are 'skeptical'

The Southwestern state announced Tuesday that it would spend $500 million on salty water from deep underground and wastewater from oil and gas production as a solution to its shortage.
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The 20 farming families who use more water from the Colorado River than some western states

Tens of millions of people — and millions of acres of farmland — rely on the Colorado River’s water. But as its supply shrinks, these farmers get more water from the river than entire states.