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Mormon Church saving Great Salt Lake

Mormon Church works to save the Great Salt Lake with big water donation

Its leaders have permanently donated a small reservoir’s worth of church-owned water to the lake, which some scientists warn could disappear before the decade ends.
Bio-based plastics
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Bio-based plastics aim to capture carbon. But at what cost?

Growing crops to make plastic could theoretically reduce reliance on fossil fuels and even pull carbon out of the atmosphere, but at an enormous environmental cost.

catalonia drought water

Catalonia limits water use as Spain prays for rain

Barcelona and large swathes of Spain’s northeast are going under water restrictions as a months-long drought that has devastated crops starts to put the pinch on human activities in the Mediterranean country.

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Deadline looms for drought-stricken states to cut water use

Cities and farms in seven U.S. states are bracing for cuts this week as officials stare down a deadline to propose unprecedented reductions to their use of Colorado River water.

Reversing the desert & desertification resilience

Reversing the desert: How an Arizona engineer is trying to heal the land and protect water

A civil engineer in southern Arizona is looking at nature’s systems to reverse deserts, heal watersheds and revitalize arid land with holistic land management practices.
Governor asks Californians to voluntarily cut water use

Governor asks Californians to voluntarily cut water use

Gavin Newsom on Thursday asked people in the nation's most populous state to voluntarily cut how much water they use by 15% as the Western U.S. weathers a drought that is rapidly emptying reservoirs relied on for agriculture, drinking water and fish habitat.