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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
DeSantis & Florida climate denial
biodiversity resilience
red knot delaware biodiversity

Threatened red knots land along Delaware Bay

The annual red knot arrival is underway as federal regulators have unveiled a plan to protect nearly 700,000 acres in New Jersey, Delaware, and 11 other states.
philadelphia toxics pollution energy
Photo by Robert Linder on Unsplash

Philly toxic air pollution: What you need to know

Philadelphia limits toxic air pollutants like lead and formaldehyde. A policy revision expands the list, but critics say it doesn't go far enough.

climate energy heat pump training
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Climate-friendly heat pumps: new training lab in Philly

Electrifying old Philadelphia homes in order to address climate change will require skilled labor. A new training lab in North Philly aims to prepare local workers, by teaching them to install, maintain, and fix heat pumps.

power plant pennsyvlania
Photo by Ivo Lukacovic on Unsplash

How EPA’s new power plant rules could impact Pennsylvania

A new proposal by the EPA to limit planet-warming carbon emissions from power plants is expected to cut pollution in Pennsylvania, the state with the fourth-highest energy-related emissions in the country.

philly region delaware river climate

Philly region eyes new water storage to mitigate climate change

Climate change could mean droughts and changing water flow in the Delaware River. Water regulators say new storage facilities could help mitigate future water scarcity.
adelie penguins climate
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How climate change impacts penguin species on Antarctica

Scientists predict that in decades to come, Adélie penguins could disappear from the western Antarctic Peninsula and nearby islands. Researchers at University of Delaware and Temple are tracking the changing conditions.
electric vehicles pennsylvania energy climate

New Pennsylvania grants to replace diesel trucks with EVs

Exhaust from diesel trucks can worsen heart and lung issues, and even cause cancer. A new Pennsylvania grant program will help replace them with electric vehicles.