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Native lands lack clean water protections

Native lands lack clean water protections, but more tribes are taking charge

Some tribes have passed ordinances to regulate polluters, others have sought authority under federal law to establish water quality standards
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Image by Pictavio from Pixabay

Survival of wild rice threatened by climate change, increased rainfall in northern Minnesota

Wild rice is an aquatic grass that thrives in shallow waters, and serves as a sacred “mashkiki,” or medicine, to the Ojibwe.
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Climate change takes toll on traditional Ojibwe wild rice harvest

Extreme weather events, including droughts and heavy rain, are making it more difficult to carry out wild rice harvests in the Upper Midwest.
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Biden's promise to tribes faces test in Great Lakes

As many tribal lands face mounting pollution threats and the blunt force of climate change, the Biden administration has promised to incorporate Indigenous knowledge and practices in its overhaul of the nation’s regulatory and permitting regime.

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Video: Climate threatens Ojibwe's sacred wild rice

Wild rice is sacred to Indigenous peoples in Minnesota because it’s part of their creation story. But changing climate, invasive species, and pollution are threatening the plant, making it crucial to teach young tribe members how to harvest it.

Enbridge's Line 3 is putting wild rice at risk—and Indigenous water protectors are taking a stand

Enbridge's Line 3 is putting wild rice at risk—and Indigenous water protectors are taking a stand

In northern Minnesota, Anishinaabe people are fighting an oil pipelinethat threatens their sustenance and spiritual connection to the land.
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Ojibwe prophecy led to the Great Lakes. Now it's threatened

With an increasingly unpredictable climate across the "Five Freshwater Seas," as the Great Lakes are known, the Ojibwe's ancient wild rice traditions are being undermined.